November 23, 2003

Cast of Characters


Jake Starkey/White Knight - Works at NRU under Zeladzny. Was on the run for several months (mini-blog kept during his disappearance can be found here (most recent on top). Was convinced by Caretaker to come back to his life in Arizona. A couple of days after his return, he was arrested by federal agents for espionage, supposedly trumped-up charges to keep him out of the way.

Meghan Starkey - Jake's wife. Has a blog here. Mother died just a couple of months ago. Has been on her own during Jake's disappearance, then during his imprisonment.

Reggie/Hexeditor/Minesweeper/xover222/Marcus Andover/John Baxter/Turk/Ajeeb/Mephisto - More aliases than James Bond. He designed the security system for NRU's computers, and left a back door in place. A background check shows that he has high security clearance for a DARPA project. Schizophrenic and on clozapine for symptoms. Former lay minister of a church sect related to Methodist. Played chess with Jake via Yahoo Games, but has never met him in person. Extensive knowledge of movie quotes. Coined the terms Red Knight, White Knight, and Black Knight, as well as brown smart people and the greys. Loves to play chess. Currently catatonic in a mental institution. or

Stephen Lake - Partner in the law firm of Landau, Luckman, & Lake. Jake's lawyer.

Caretaker/Red Knight/T. Jones - Former CIA spook during the Cold War. Hid Reggie in the safe houses. Our main IRC contact. The Greys are very interested in his identity and hassled Reggie to near-insanity for it. He helped Turgenev defect to the U.S. from the Soviet Union at a physics conference in Espoo.

CFRG sysadmins/The Greys - Upset with the fact that Caretaker and Jake know how to hack into their webspace and leave messages. They have only been directly seen once, in this chat where they took names from Norse mythology and hassled Reggie for Caretaker's identity.

Dr. Kristoff I. Zeladzny/Ivar Turgenev - Chairman of the NRU Physics department. Formerly Ivar Turgenev in the Soviet Union, defected with Caretaker's help. Heavy Russian accent. Employs Jake Starkey.

Kat/Katrina - Zeladzny's niece, whom he insisted come with him to the U.S. when he defected from the Soviet Union.

Black Knight - Unknown. He terrifies Reggie, who says he "wants to be king".

Craig Becker - Head of security at NRU. Has been described as a "boy scout" by both Reggie and Jake. Caused Jake to be arrested (possibly just following orders)

"God" - Reggie's doctor in his former facility.

Wheezy - another inhabitant in Reggie's former facility; Reggie beat the tar out of him after he found out The Greys had gotten information from him.

Name unknown, doppelganger of Konamouse - a woman who looks just like Konamouse stumbled into CIA headquarters at Langley, suffering from gunshot wounds. She refuses to talk or identify herself. Currently in high-security care for her injuries.

Jim Telehan - Editor of The Coyote Dispatch, a local Catalina paper.

Places and things
Acheron - a software system used for security at NRU, described as more nefarious than Carnivore.

Landau, Luckman, & Lake - Stephen Lake is a partner in this law firm. He represents Jake Starkey.

SPECTRUM - Soviet Project (Soviet Ministry of General Machine Building, Project Designation 2371) with the goal of transporting solid matter backwards in time and retrieving it intact.

V.A. Fock Center for Theoretical Physics the newest building on campus and houses the research labs for the RHIC. Per conversation with Caretaker the lower levels have been operational for at least a year.

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