November 23, 2003
The story thus far...

Research on time travel is being conducted at New River University in Catalina, AZ. This technology originally came from the Soviet Union and was brought here with the defection of Kristoff Zeladzny (originally Ivar Turgenev), who is assisted in his research by Jake Starkey at NRU. After 10 months on the run from something at NRU which scared him, Jake returned to Arizona - only to be arrested a couple of days later on trumped up espionage charges.

The Soviet group who was working on the time travel technology was called SPECTRUM. Zeladzny was brought over by a CIA operative who calls himself Caretaker. Caretaker is concerned with the direction that the research has taken. Also helping is mental patient Reggie (who has a list of aliases as long as my arm), who helped design the core computer systems for the university. Our task is to help Caretaker find out what kind of research NRU is doing.

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