January 15, 2004
Updated and currently active sites

The following websites are active as of 1/15/04:

Meg Starkey's blog

Reggie/John Baxter's blog

Jake Starkey's blog

Reggie's story

HCRD.org, still undecided whether in-game or not

New River University, coming soon

Out of game:
Anthrax101's server, for uploading files

Unfiction Forums, for discussion

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December 14, 2003
New website: www.hcrd.org

A new website was found by Sin_Vraal:

http://www.hcrd.org/. This is the home of the Historical Criminal Research Department, which was referenced in September, then in one of Zeladzny's files at research.nru.us.

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December 09, 2003
More websites

There's a research website up at NRU: research.nru.us.

Catalina First National Bank: www.catalinafirst.com

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December 04, 2003
Acheron Reference

This is a great reference site for Acheron: http://acheron.netninja.com/. It includes conversation logs, puzzles, flowcharts, and a navigation bar. Very cool!

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John Baxter's Family?

Found in the source code of the Cypher-Systems contact page: http://www.rootsweb.com/~wiwaupac/FamilyandFolk/FF133.jpg. The picture has a subtitle of "Is This The John Baxter Family?" - John Baxter is another one of Reggie's aliases. There is another image in the same archive, located at http://www.rootsweb.com/~wiwaupac/FamilyandFolk/FF134.jpg with the subtitle, "Is This John & Elvira Baxter's Son?". Could it possibly be a picture of Reggie? Could this mean that Reggie has done some time travel?

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On 12/3, www.acheron.us changed to a "This domain has been purchased" page with a logo for a company called Cypher-Systems. Someone found a web page located at www.cypher-systems.com with the same logo. Therefore it looks like the Acheron main page is now in-game, and the Cypher-Systems page is also.

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November 23, 2003
IRC Servers

irc.chat-solutions.org 6667, channel #acheron: general game discussion
irc.thegamebox.net 6667, channel #caretaker: used for chats with Caretaker

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Out-of-game websites

http://www.acheron.us/, not in-game but the place to go to sign up, buy swag, donate, and read the information
http://www.thisisnotagame.com - not in-game, but owned by the PMs
http://www.collectivegamingexperience.com - not in-game, but owned by the PMs

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In-game websites

These sites are confirmed in-game:

http://www.landau-luckman-lake.com/ - The official site for Landau, Luckman, and Lake, the law firm who represents Jake Starkey
www.cfrg.us - the Centre for Responsible Government; a conspiracy theory site where Jake and Caretaker sometimes leave messages for us
http://www.Coyotedispatch.com - The Coyote Dispatch, a local, weekly Catalina newspaper
http://www.nru.us - New River University, where the research on the time travel device is being done
http://www.geocities.com/meghanstarkey/ - Meg Starkey's weblog; she is Jake Starkey's wife
http://hexeditor.blogspot.com/ - Reggie's weblog; he designed the computer systems for NRU. He's also schizophrenic, so his writing is a little stream-of-consciousness

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