November 23, 2003

~1973 - Caretaker begins working for the CIA.

September 16, 1978 - An earthquake in Tabas (file one, file two), Iran kills 25,000 people. It was caused by a time-travel experiment performed by SPECTRUM, who sent a box back in time but couldn't stabilize the quantum state, causing the item to be transported to underground around 250 meters down. Ivar Turgenev is named in a classified memo as an important figure to defect from the USSR.

April/May 1979 - An explosion at a chemical factory occurs in Sverdlovsk, USSR. An anthrax outbreak was used as a cover story. The explosion is also blamed on actions by SPECTRUM.

May 1983 - Caretaker helps Turgenev defect from the Soviet Union at a physics conference in Espoo. He takes the name Kristoff Zeladzny.

January 6, 2001 - Jake Starkey's office moves to room 210 at the Fock Center.

December 12, 2002 - Jake Starkey sees something at work that spooks him so badly that he runs, and stays in hiding for 10 months. Emails containing puzzles are sent to assorted players.

August 2003 - Meg Starkey's mother dies of pneumonia.

September 2003 - The Fock Center at NRU officially opens. According to Caretaker, it was actually operational for over a year prior.

October 2003 - The Coyote Dispatch has a series of reports on Catalina citizens complaining about the instability of the area power supply.

October 5, 2003 - Jake Starkey returns home after a 10 month absence.

October 8, 2003 - Jake Starkey is arrested at a press conference on charges of espionage.

October 25, 2003 - Caretaker says that he needs 30 days or more to get his sources together; a month-long hiatus ensues.

November 8, 2003 - NRU ID badges are slipped to Magesteff and Addlepated in Orlando.

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